Stylish Escape

Every morning starts with three things: Feeding Rabbits, eating homemade waffles, and watching Bargain Hunt. While watching BH a couple weeks ago a family discovered their relative's silk map collection. They explained their use during WWII, how these cloth maps were sewn into uniforms and jackets for escape purposes. Not only are these maps practical (and kind of frightening to be in that situation by the way) they are beautiful as well.

The concept of map clothing didn't stop on V Day. This functional fashion has come a long way... Elisabeth Lecourt created the mapwear seen above. I read about the map dress on countless blogs and I have to say it still looks striking.

Check out the uniform above with the silk map sticking out! It is hard to see, but interesting nonetheless. You can see more original WWII silk maps here! See also The Map Room.

The Great Escape - one of Nathan's favorite movies, and I like it a lot too :)

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