A Big Thank You; Cincy Wrap Up

Emily - Thank you so much for taking these pictures! You know, sometimes you don't realize how much you want a picture of family and friends together until it is too late - maybe that's why I take so many {and always annoy those people who are camera shy}!

I realize my eyes are puffy and red in most of these photos, but it's the thought that counts :)

{Maggie, Jackson, and me}
{Allie, Andy, and me - I have the best cousins!}

{Double Trouble - Andy & Ellie, Allie, and me}

{Our Marine Cody, Jessica, and me}

{Baby Jackson and I get to hang out a little}

We had Apple's wake at the newly remolded and beautiful Blue Ash Rec Center. I wish it looked like that when Kari, Emily, Andy, and I worked there! I wish I still lived down the road so mom and I could walk around the track together after work! It even has a climbing wall now!
I got to chat with Janie, who works at the front desk a few days a week, about Braden, Ashley, OSU football, and everything else in between. It was great knowing everyone when I walked into the rec center! It feels so homey....
Mom and dad signed up for a pass so they can get in the best shape of their lives! NO EXCUSES ;)

After the wake, Dad and I drove to Marge Schott's house in Indian Hill, which is currently for sale, but in need of some serious work. The outside is beautiful and modeled after an Irish manor house, I believe. We took some pictures, walked around, collected acorns and leaves, and even saw local wildlife - a coyote and deer.

{For Sale! Our new home!}

{da loves the gate}
{moss growing between the stones}

{Don't mess with Rangers}

After our traditional drive through IH, the girls picked mom and I up for dinner. It was fun to be with everyone and play Ellie's usual dinner quiz. Ellie is a tiny sponge. She repeats and implements things her teachers say. She says "I'm waiting" to let everyone know to be quiet and awards her "students" with points if their answers are correct.

{Planning our next brilliant quiz question for the family. Ellie: "I'm waiting..."}

{quiz masters Ellie & Stacey}

Emily & Molly at dinner Saturday night {post quiz}

After dinner I headed over to Kathy's house. We played card games, watched the Parent Trap, admired the Autumn/Halloween decorations, listened to the thunderstorm (the light went out for a moment and scared Ellie), and talked about things going on in life. It is always a nice way to wrap up my visits to Cincinnati.

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