Saying Goodbye

Cincinnati in Autumn - It rained every day I was home - A gloomy visit

I can't say I'm glad to be back to a normal schedule this week. My trip to Cincinnati was double-sided, which goes without saying. I am so thankful I was able to be home with family, despite the fact that Kari couldn't be there - it just didn't feel right.

It was a sad trip, but in a way, a positive visit with family. I spent almost every minute with mom, dad, Pammy, Kathy, Emily, and Ellie. I was able to have quality time with people who I sometimes don't get to see as much as I'd like, like Molly, Maggie, Rob (and Jackson!), Andy, Allie, Amy, and Laura. Mom, dad, and I had our traditional bonding trips (like driving through Indian Hill, Bonboneri, Skyline, La Rosa's, etc.), and I even got to visit Kathy, Emily, and Ellie's house for my traditional last stop, typically the night before I head back to Denver!

I left Apple with no regrets - I called her often and left on a positive note. Before I left for Denver on my last trip home with Joseph, I stopped by her house to visit again with Pammy and Apple. I'm really happy I did that, but I for sure didn't think it would be the last time I'd see her smile and get a big hug. But I have accepted that aspect of life, as difficult as that may be. I just talked to her the week before and had a long and happy conversation - I even called her last Monday...

I'm sad to see her go - but I'll be happy to think of countless great memories and her amazing personality! Saturday started off gloomy, which is apropriate, and things went very well and looked very nice. Apple would have been happy. The cousins read beautiful things for Apple and the family. As requested, dad sang Danny Boy and I honestly believe it was the best I've ever heard him sing in public! It was beautiful and we are so immensely proud of him! I felt a mixture of happiness and sadness, but overall I felt I was in a good place. It was more difficult for me to see my loved ones upset - which is everyone in our family of course - but seeing dad and Pammy upset hurt the most. My emotions were under control, maybe because it was non-stop while visiting in Cincinnati, but as soon as I was seated on the plane back to Denver, I felt the the combination of being tired physically and emotionally. It caught up with me in a harsh way. Slowing down is sometimes the hardest thing to deal with.

I usually feel great and ready to go back Denver after a satisfying trip with family and friends in the Nati, but I can't say I was ready to get on the plane. It was rough leaving Cincinnati, although I was so happy to see Joseph at the airport and hang out with his family all day Sunday. I'm feeling like I'm not ready to go to work today - all day, in fact... I could use a day to write thank you cards to those who helped so much during the last week, do the dishes, put my clothes away, and take a long bath. But I suppose reality needs to hit sometime and I better get going for the day.

Thanks so much to my amazing family! I love you guys so much and I'm extremely lucky. I'll be thinking of everyone so much this week and I hope we get to talk soon. Emily took some great pictures of the family, so when I get them I'll post on NF.

Take care and love you!

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