Happy Friday

Tamari and Maple-Roasted Almonds

Savory tidbits pair perfectly with strong spirits.

Is it too early to be thinking about happy hour with friends? I'm ready for some good snacks, drinks, and company on my Friday night off! Em, I'm sorry I'm ditching the dance drama tonight - I need some R&R and a drink!

I was checking out more Martha Stewart ideas and loved these Favorite Bar Snack recipes. I think Joseph and I might have to fix some of these up in the kitchen! Yum! What is your favorite?

Kari - what do they have in Australia that is different from US bar food?

Take the quiz: What Kind of Cocktail are You?

My result -> You are undoubtedly

Like the timeless manhattan, you exude urban sophistication. You're the perfect balance of sweet and strong and always stand out from the crowd. Try our recipe for the classic drink the next time you crave a cocktail.

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