I'm ready to board, but I havebsone extra tine so I'm reading my new
MS Halloween magazine! Joseph was so thoughtful - yesterday while I
was at work he picked up some goodies from whole foods (including my
new mag) and made the best pot pie! And of course he had a fantastic
beer and chilled mug waiting for me! What a great husband :) I'm going
to miss him, even if it is for only a few days!
Cincinnati is so close - I can't wait to be with the family, but I'm
sad that Kari cannot come too. It just won't be the same... We love
you Kari!

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  1. I bought this last week! I also highly recommend picking up the regular Martha Stewart Living this month in addition to the Halloween special edition! If Martha would take me on as her squash and pumpkin carving assistant, I would drop out of school!