The Cotswolds and Bath, England

I think it is time to travel for yours truly. Well, I suppose traveling via the internet with Samantha Brown Passport to Europe DVDs from the library!

My first trip for the Fall - Bath and the Cotswolds, England. Joseph would like to sample the local Donnington brews at The Mount Inn, pick up a local breed of cheese at the monger (Like all good inventions, did you know cheddar is English?), have a walk and picnic at Avon River, admire the Roman architecture, and enjoy the velvety green countryside dotted with little white fluffy sheep! You can even stay at the Thornbury Castle! How posh!

I love this Cotswold website - full of great photos!

Visit Samantha Brown's Cotswold Travel Guide
Visit Samantha Brown's Bath Travel Guide

A traditional 17th century Cotswold Inn which started life as a farmhouse, then became a cobbleshop, a tea room and then an off-license. The Mount Inn is of special interest to a 'Numismatist' as there is an extensive display of bank notes & coins from all over the world. No jukeboxes, no fruit machines, but a wonderful, calm and traditional atmosphere.

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  1. Stacey! Why are we the same person? :)
    A suggestion - go on the website for the official Cotswolds tourism site and request information via post. They send you about ten HUGE glossy, lovely books of Cotswold-ian splendor all FREE (I am a huge fan of "FREE!"). An added bonus is the excitement derived from receiving a package resplendent with "Royal Air Mail" markings and stamps with Her Majesty on them!
    On another note - I am sorry to hear of your recent loss. Here's to brighter days in this, our beloved month of October!