Fantastic Mr. Fox

Instead of doing productive things this morning I've been looking at foxes. Let me explain. Whilst checking my mail this morning with my trusty cup of tea, I clicked on my Google Alerts for Jason Schwartzman. This led me to a great BBC article and interview video, which in turn directed ALL my attention to the official website of Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I've been waiting to see for about, oh I suppose more years than I can count! It has taken a while because the movie was created using stop motion - so I understand.

{Watch this great behind the scenes film! It is charming, really charming! via gordon & the whale}

But, back to my point, this movie looks like something out of my imagination or even my wildest dreams. I'm so happy to see that there are other individuals in the world who share my aesthetic! Happy days! I've been playing around, reading, downloading, playing games, and watching the trailer (again and again) on the official website HERE. I simply cannot wait to see it (and own it, of course)!

P.S. The soundtrack is classic and full of brilliant glockenspiel music!

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