Pictures from this Week

I do believe we should bring this red coat back in style! Who cares if it is a costume for an Irish dance drama? It is très chic! Can you believe soldiers used to wear coats like this? Wow... I think they might have looked more dashing than intimidating... (especially with a Brittish accent)!

Here we are - Marc, Cory, (Erin taking the picture), and I at the Glass House in Denver. I think I had one too many rum and cokes - I don't even like them, but it seemed right at the time. A good night out with the friends (regretful the next day, might I add).

This Feis picture is from a while ago (Estes Park), but I just got it from a friend on Facebook yesterday. I had such a good time dancing, so it is a nice little memory to hold on to. And to admit something to you, I never cared about getting first place in anything, but after working so hard this summer to improve my dancing, it felt brilliant holding that big crystal bowl!

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