Big Shot

Yesterday morning I FINALLY got my seasonal flu shot! Although it is not the H1N1 vaccine, it will have to do. I don't have a problem with shots or needles at all (I've had way too many surgeries and hospital experiences to care at this point), but OUCH my arm is really sore today!!! Last night the pain woke me up because I think I rolled over on my left arm. Yikes!

My Tuesday felt more like a Monday. After my trip to the doctors office Joseph made lunch and I was on my way to work. It is my 2 month anniversary at J.Crew, so I was finally able to pick out my Crew Clothes, free clothes that I can wear to work! I think it is a nice offer - Anthropologie never gave us clothes. J.Crew rolled out their Winter/Holiday collection (part 1) yesterday so start getting your Christmas lists ready! How can you resist ballet slippers and soft pajama pants? Think cozy thoughts...

I picked out very simple items that we will always have in our store, dark matchstick jeans and a grey boyfriend-style cardi. It reminds me of the sweaters college boys used to wear back in the day when college had some style. Or maybe the college of my imagination. Of course there are new pieces that I just couldn't resist, like my "farm" checked shirt! In the period one week, we saw Jamie Oliver and a girl working for Hugh Fearnly Whittingstal both wearing it!

I got home late and was feeling weak and tired (the nurse warned me of this) so I cleaned up the house a little, ate dinner, and watched two of my favorite movies, Science of Sleep and Adventures in Babysitting! It's one of those movies I watched over and over again when I was younger. Plus it's one of mom's all-time favorites too! What is YOUR favorite 1980's movie? (So many to choose from)

I love the quintessentially 80's opening scene!

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  1. I LOVE that opening scene too! My sister and I had a dance rountine to it and I was convinced that baby-sitting was seriously glamorous (that is until I actually started doing it and did not meet a single dreamy college "man"). I love "Pretty in Pink." It's my favorite 80s flick, without a doubt.