Simple Fleabag

When we go to the flea market, the grocery store, or any other place where we are likely to buy a ton of stuff, we have very specific requirements about the bag we bring along: it has to be big but not unwieldy, chic but functional, and possibly made out of earth-friendly materials. And look! We have found something that fits our myriad of requirements— miracle of miracles! The Fleabag is made out of organic cotton/hemp canvas, with a vegetable-tanned leather bottom to keep it tough. These limited-edition bags, which are lined in cute striped material, have the edition numbers right on the front so recipients know they are getting something that is truly unique.

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  1. Their website has been down all week (or is something wrong with my connection, I wonder...). I *will* be purchasing on of these lovelies the moment my www. connection is accepted :]