Paris, je t'aime

One of my ex-students emailed me with this fantastic excitement that he will travel to Paris this Thanksgiving! It will be Ben's first experience traveling to Paris, but since we studied Paris and French art extensively in my art history class last year, he feels connected to The City of Lights. I somehow feel validated for making my freshmen sit through an entire year of art history! In a way I've reached my ultimate goal, connecting my students to the outside world and the art that surrounds us all. At least my students left my class knowing about the Louvre, Mona Lisa, Primavera, Dada, Santa Maria del Fiore, Caravaggio, and how Vincent Van Gogh really needed some medication and a little love, just to name a few things... But when it all comes down to it, Ben best expressed the excitement of going to a city like Paris:
I will take an open mind, it sounds rad! I'm pumped for the cheese, but really everything sounds great.

French Films, Ooh La La!
To get into the spirit, why not watch some French Flicks on this Fabulous Friday?

I had to add this clip after Gramercy Gaslight Girl's delightful reminder of a scene in Paris, je t'aime! Merci! I love this scene too!

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  1. Lucky, lucky Ben!

    And, as an aside, has there ever been a scene in a film I love more than this one --> ? Je pense pas... :)