Red Hot

In attempts to be a cooler person, I've been venturing out into the music world a little bit, thanks to Patrick. Patrick is the drummer in a local band, who not only has extensive knowledge in music, but just about everything else you can imagine. He is our Wednesday night trivia secret weapon. He is super cool, reads the New Yorker, has a vivid imagination, and did I mention he is an only child, like yours truly? Since we've known Patrick, he has made countless mix tapes (CDs) for us that have changed our music listening habits.

I've been listening to independent bands from all over the world, many coming out of the NY scene. Yesterday I finally picked up Dark Was the Night, a mix of bands I'm really digging right now. Here are the artists involved with the project:

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  1. Yeah, I love this CD! "Train Song" is definitely my favorite on the mom and I wore it out with constant repetition in the car last year, wailing along in out pathetically horrid voices, "It's many hundred miles, and it won't be long..." :)