And the Yarn Goes KABOOM!

It goes by many names, knit graffiti, yarn bombing, guerrilla knitting, yarn storming...

Typical Christmas dinner conversations include talk of delicious food and drink, thankful wishes to friends and family, and remembering holidays past. But yarn bombing? College boy stalking strategies? Parities in our mouths - who's invited to yours? These are topics on our plate when eating with Jaren and Patrick.

Joseph hadn't been aware of our neighborhood knit graffiti at City O'City until this morning, after our conversation with Patrick about knit bombing, or yarn bombing. I'm a fan of this colorful, soft, and non-harmful rebellious artistic solidarity. It shows a certain spirit that captures the love of the process, not the immortality of the artwork. I'm attracted to those things that are temporary, fleeting, and non threatening. The artists that plant their bombs around our neighborhood is called the Ladies Fancywork Society. They seem to be a gang of free spirited knitting and crocheting girls who have a flare for saturated color and a whimsical sense of humor. But on the international scale, I ADORE the ladies of Knit the City! Their videos are the best!

You can watch an ABC video (yes, national news, which is weird) and read all about Yarn Bombing at Knit the City, Yarn, Visual Culture, Ladies Fancywork Society, and ArtYarn, just to name a few.

ABC Yarn Bombing in Denver video

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  1. What a great post! I learned how to knit in '09 and just love it. Even though, I'm not very advanced. :)

    The tree is my favorite picture. Is it possible for a tree to look that snuggly?