Cute Overload

Read the rabbit and dear's story HERE at the photographer's website!

The fawn was given the name Finchen and lived in a garden at the edge of the small village. Finchen was growing and developing very well, but was probably lonely without other deer around.

One day, a wild rabbit showed up and stayed near the fawn. At first, the two were only observed together at dusk or at night. They always grazed in the same corner of the garden, but kept a certain distance from one another

Winter came and the small fawn had turned into a beautiful doe, but not even snow could keep the little rabbit away from Finchen. Instead of staying in its cozy warren, it remained on Finchen’s side at night. The two rested very close to each other under the spruce trees at the edge of the garden. They also stayed together to feed. With her long legs, Finchen was able to remove the snow cover to access grass, which also benefited her little friend.

Thanks mom for sending this to me - like I need another reason to be a crazy bunny lady! Rabbits love to snuggle.

Our rabbits are doing very well. Since it is winter, our favorite time of year, the little lapins are snuggling, playing with the tree skirt, and keeping themselves toasty warm. Vienn, Nietzsche, and Rupert (Juri) have been working on the bonding thing. A few nights ago we put them together successfully without many scuffles to say. Although they can't be alone, or Vienn will bite someone's head off. It is a long process and a little stressful, but I can tell that Juri wants to be friends. He comes waving a white flag.

Vienn visits the vet on Tuesday for her teary eye. All signs are normal, except for that runny right eye of hers. She is in her elder years, so I want to keep a close watch on her well-being. I'll let you know the update. I don't have any recent pictures of her. The camera has been at the Pings house with a broken flash. I do miss taking pictures of the rabbits, but I know I'll have time in the future.

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