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I decided my new favorite team is Fulham. I picked this team mainly because my new favorite randomly picked Irish soccer player, Damien Duff, member of team Ireland FAI, also plays for Fulham in the Premier League.

When we had cable, Joseph loved watching PL soccer and kept me up to date on scores and players. I used to root for Manchester City, but then they got money and became somewhat good. I like the underdog. Who dey.

I love Fulham's history and the tradition of the Cottage. It seems very Wrigley Field to me. Although since I'm not English, I have a hard time comparing it to anything I know of. I love these old photos taken from the 40's-60's. Maybe one day soccer will take off in America like it has for England. Until then, we've got cool sports like football, which is very similar to rugby, and baseball which is really just a shorter version of cricket.

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